Privacy Policy

If you are the type of person that would read a privacy policy, congratulations!  You are a rare breed.

We could have had a 27 page document filled with legal speak and lots of bullet points, but I think it's reasonable to stick to the basics.

1.  We hate spam and won't create it!  If you sign up to our newsletter, it won't come very often.

2.  We won't sell or divulge your email address or any of your personal information unless required to under NZ law. 

3.  Any credit card information is processed via a company who specializes in these things so we don't even see your details, let alone store them

If you have any questions/concerns about anything, please CONTACT us, as we are happy to help.

Check our FEEDBACK on Trademe to read some of our past customer's experiences, then come back and get the help you need!